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Q: Where are your location?
A: We are retouching studio based in Indonesia, South East Asia within UTC/GMT+7 time zone.

Q: Do you have specific working hours or we just can send you over inquiries at any time?
A: Generally speaking, we are running a retouching studio with small team so yes we do have normal working hours and off work on weekend and if you would like to send us inquiry you can send it at any time but please consider the difference time zone in order to get fast response from us.
i.e. You are in new york within local time at 03.00pm then it would be 03.00am in ours and at that time most likely we have already off to bed dreaming on those beauty swimsuit models ;)

Q: What is your rates upon hi-end Beauty, Fashion, or Glamour image retouching?
A:  Basically we do not specified our services into such category (genre) but more to Basic Retouch, Advance Retouch, and Extensive
Please contact us for further rates detail or image examples on each category.

Q: Do you have Bulk Images or Big Volume Project special rates?
A: Yes we have. Please contact us for further Bulk Image special rates.

Q: What is your turnaround time?
A: 1-3 days for Basic and Advance Retouch. 3-5 days for Extensive Retouch.
Important note:
Bulk image retouching estimated 6-14 days turnaround depends on image quantity.
Turnaround time for submitted image by the client during the weekend will be counted from the weekdays.

Q: What is your file transfer method?
A: Dropbox, yousendit/hightails, emails, but preferably using wetransfer (www.wetransfer.com) over RAW file. Flatten PSD, TIFF, JPEG would be fine as long as hi-res images.

Q: What is your payment method?
A: PayPal Accepted. Advance Payment Only. All rates are in $ USD.

Q: Do you accept any TF Project?
A: We accept on selective TF Project occasionally but for fixed Editorial/Publish images only. Just Send us your inquiry along with image preview (lo-res) upon TFP who knows we might be interested.

Q: Can we do Trial Image prior dealing on your services?
A: We provide Trial image upon selective photographers . But keep in mind we do 1 trial image only (under Basic or Advance Retouch).

Q: How much you will charge over revision or re-adjustment?
A: We do not charge over revision. Its already included in our services rates, but charge may occurs upon excessive adjustments made by the client such as: changing retouching type, overly changing adjustment for multipurpose image, etc.

Q: What kind of file types do I get for final retouched images?
A: You could choose over JPEG, TIFF, or Flatten PSD file. We DO NOT provide Layered PSD file.

Q: Could you help me adding my watermark or copyright onto my images?
A: Yes we could, but please provide us with your watermark or copyright image or font. Do not expect us to search over the internet just for certain TTF font file nor told us to just grab from one of the portfolio on your website.
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